Food related Bits & Bobs…

In this section of my website I will be uploading (… or rather downloading) lots of little things about food that I know, see, like or fall in love with. I may tell you about a restaurant I like and have visited or I may just share a cheeky poem with you about a food related subject.

8th April 2013

So, today I was having a little peruse of the ‘freshly pressed’ wordpress food blogs and I saw this little banner.  I loved it.  It stopped and made me think ‘gosh, yes we truly are what we eat’.  Its not just a saying, it is exactly that… what we put into our bodies is what we can expect to get out of them.  If we pack them full of rubbish then we will be overweight, suffering from health conditions and lacking our vital nutrients.  This just acted as a reminder of why I do the job I do (teaching healthy eating and cooking skills) and it spured me on to share this with other people in the hope that they too, at least for today, will think about what they put into their bodies.

Cake and such like are ok as part of a healthy balanced diet; but its about eating everything in moderation.  Make small changes to your diet, for example reduce the amount of fatty foods you eat on a daily basis, always choose wholegrain, reduce your salt intake, increase your fruit and vegetables by incorporating them into every meal and if you regularly eat three mars bars in one day, then don’t – just have the one.  As Tesco’s say ‘every little helps’ and this applies not only to our shopping and therefore our bank balance but to our diet… one small change each day could make a significant difference to your health.

Do please go forth and eat healthily… for what you eat truly will define you… one day! 

7th March 2013photo (5)

If you are a regular follower of my blog, you will see that last month I found the LOVE SPUD.  Since then I have had a few weird sightings of more love heart shaped vegetables.  The first came last weekend when I was chopping my chorizo for my homemade, pizza (yes including the base, using wholemeal flour people!).  I chopped the first slice, second, third and looked… are my eyes decieving me?  Am I making love hearts?  Yes!  A chopping board full of CHORIZO LOVE this time.  Feeling a little freaked out, but also kind of excitied (forever the optimist it would seem), I created a pattern of them and photographed them… so here they are!

photo (6)

The next was when I was walking around Shoreditch and I looked down at some scribblings on the pavement thinking ‘WOW Banksy has branched out into pavement graffiti and I am standing on it’… but no, I don’t think I had that quite right and rather it was some little love elf spreading love around Shoreditch, London.  Needless to say, I had no option but to photograph it…

Shoreditch is full of lovely little things like this, but I never see them in REAL LIFE.  So it was totally fab to see one for myself… and yes, those are my favorite brown boots.  The slogan is right ‘LOVE IS ALL U NEED’… along with a little bit of food.

photo (3)My last, but not least sighting came on Tuesday afternoon.  I was running a cooking session (yes, I do this for a job to!) and I was preparing some fresh beetroots for the group, who LOVE beetroots.  They are obsessed.  My co-worker passed me a peeled beet to chop and voila, this little BEETROOT BEAUTY appeared…

I am not sure if there will be any more FOOD LOVE in my life, but I am quite enjoying finding them and being surprised and excited as they appear.  This isn’t someting that has ever happened to me before and although I am optimistic I don’t look for things like this in every day life.  Sceptics amongst us will say ‘you only see what you want to see Gemma’… and yes you are very correct.  But I am not sure you can deny these are love heart shaped foods that I have simply stumbled upon.  I am not making them, adapting them or creating them… I am doing nothing to adjust the shape of anything.  But maybe I do see beauty in things, and for that I don’t think I can be critized.

I hope you enjoy my blog.  Thank you for reading, Gems… with love x

20130214-095011.jpg14th February 2013

So as we all know, and as I have now blogged about twice – it is Valentines Day.  Great for some, not so much for others.

I went shopping this week in my favourite fruit and vegetable shop in Shoreditch, did my grocery shop and off I went home.  I came to prepare dinner and found this little LOVE SPUD in my shopping.  I decided it was a sign and skipped around the house with a grin on my face for the rest of the evening.  It hasn’t turned out to be a sign at all (grrrrr!!), but I thought I would share it with you and I hope it brightens your day as it did mine!


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