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How did you have yours!?

13 Feb


This year I got myself all prepared and ready for pancake day… my goodness I was excited… SHROVE TUESDAY!  YES!  This year I was organised… for the wrong week, which is a #fail.

So… I did have plans last night so I could not join in with the pancake fun, so my pancake day will be tonight.  Some of you may have gone for it and had pancakes last night, some of you may not have… if not, why not try this recipe tonight?  It is the best one I have found/use and I believe that to get a good pancake it is all in the eggs…

Preparation Time: 3 minutes

Cooking Time: 4 minutes

Eating Time: 3 minutes per pancake (unless you are a hoover!)


  • 200g plain flour
  • pinch salt
  • 2 large eggs
  • 200ml semi-skimmed milk
  • 75ml water
  • Butter (for the pan)

Optional Additions to the Ingredients:

This is the vital part of the pancake… HOW WILL YOU HAVE YOURS?  So, what toppings do you fancy.  For me it is always lemon and sugar, but you could have banana and nutella, orange and cinnamon, a jam (raspberry, strawberry, blackcurrant), you could go very healthy and have yoghurt and berries.  You choose, buy these and then get ready to make the batter.

How to make the batter..As per my previous note – it is all in the eggs!  So, you ideally need organic free-range eggs and they must be fresh, I repeat, they must be fresh!  Crack your egg in a mug and if the white is watery and runny then it is not that fresh.  If you have just bought the eggs that day and you do this test you should have quite a firm egg with no watery bits.  If your egg is watery it is ok, you can still use it and it will not make you ill; but you may not get the best/tastiest pancakes possible.  Sorry.

So first you need to sieve the flour and the pinch of salt into a bowl.

Next, make a well in the centre of the flour and then pour your egg from the mug unto the middle – the well – and then repeat with the second egg.  Separating the eggs out into mugs first before you put them into the mixture just allows you to check they are ok and smell ok.  My mummy taught me to do this as a little girl, so it is something I always, always do.  (Thanks Sally!)

Pour the milk and the water into the well too.

Begin to mix – slowly!  So, place your metal spoon (or fork) into the centre of the well with the wet ingredients and being to whisk in a scrambling motion.  Do this slowly and you will notice that your wet ingredients start to pull in the flour.  Keep doing this until nearly all/most of the flour has come into the wet mixture.  Then and only then can you start to fold in the rest of the flour.  This is the ONLY way to avoid getting huge flour lumps in your batter, so please do this bit slowly and carefully.  Put some love into your pancakes people!

Now put a little knob of butter into your pan and heat it up – gently.  Once the butter has melted and is just starting to smoke (not burning and bubbling) place a ladle of mixture into the pan (if you have a small pan use half a ladle) and then pick the pan up and move the batter around so it covers the base.  Do not drag the mixture with a spatuala.

Allow this to cook for 2 minutes on one side (it should be starting to come away from the pan at the edges, telling you that it is cooked) then FLIP IT and cook the other side.  You will know when it has cooked as it will not be doughy any more and will have little brown splodges/freckles on it.

The first pancake for me is always a test and sets my pan up for more pancakes, so ensure you have a low heat – disregard pancake one – it is probably very ugly and perfect your skills the second time around.

Go for it!  This batter should make 8 to 10 pancakes! ENJOY!

Ps. As per the picture I will be having mine with lemon and sugar… but I also have a little treat up my sleeve which I will be giving to you all tomorrow – if it works!